so just because elecTRONica is gone…

doesn’t mean they’re going to get rid of Flynn’s Arcade, right? right, guys?

  1. howardaxiom said: It’s gone. Everything but the ElecTRONica food truck and a ‘12’ sticker above FLYNN’S is gone.
  2. gargoylesstandingonsuperheroes said: Er… Um… I think its gone. =(
  3. vanillasyrup said: god I hope they keep it. I NEED TO SEE IT AUGHGH
  4. theoneandonlyoswin said: It might be. My brother works at D*land and says they’re replacing ElecTRONica with some Mad Tea Party thing, so the Arcade might be out, too. :(
  5. soft-as-shadows said: I hope not :(
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    I should bloody well hope not!
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